16th June 2019


Somerset Charcuterie – Air-dried Duck Breast

Somerset Charcuterie – Air-dried Duck Breast

Location: Somerset

Price: £4.50

Artisan Reviews rating: STAR 5n1-1500

Somerset Charcuterie was created by Andy Venn and James Simpson. Everything is handmade, and will remain that way in order to preserve the artisan texture, flavours and look. The new production unit on the farm is complete with very sexy Himalayan salt brick wall, and gives them the space they need to maintain a handmade production well into the future.

The packaging of the Somerset Charcuterie products are immediately appealing with the gold board and see through covering, giving it a simple yet classy look. As soon as you peel back the packaging you are welcomed with the distinctive duck flavour.

A first time experience of air dried Duck Breast for Artisan Reviews and it was AMAZING!

The natural flavour of the Duck breast is indulgent and truly delicious with compliments of salt having been hung to dry against the Himalayan salt brick wall for 3-4 weeks.

Delicately sliced this charcuterie is perfect on its own with some cherry tomatoes or tossed in a green salad.

An excellent culinary experience, 5 stars from us!

For more information visit:

Website: http://www.somersetcharcuterie.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SomersetCharcuterie/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/somcharcuterie

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