26th May 2019


Wild Beer Co

The Wild Beer Co – Wild Goose Chase

Location: Somerset

Price: £2.59

Artisan Review Rating:STAR 4


The overlords of creativity Andrew and Brett come together to make outstandingly different beers at the Wild Beer Co. Brewing at the Lower Westcombe Farm in Somerset, Wild Beer Co creates beers to perfectly match food and challenge what beer can be. With the complexity of wild yeasts or aged in different kinds of barrels, no two beers from these guys are the same.

This pale ale we sampled is wildy different to any we have tasted before! Initially there is a strong fruity gooseberry scent and aroma, giving it a juicy yet slightly sour edge. It is definitely a unique taste with subtle spicy and earthy notes, whilst remaining a smooth well-hopped drink.

As an artisan product this really represents a high quality ethos made with creativity and a passion to create a brand new drinking experience, enlightening the taste buds!

This drink leaves a refreshing and zingy taste in your mouth and is very palatable and moreish – Perfect as a summer/spring beer to be enjoyed by both men and women! We would highly recommend if you are looking for an alternative beer to the norm.


For more information visit:

Website: http://www.wildbeerco.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildBeerCo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WildBeerCo

Instagram: https://instagram.com/WildBeerCo

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