26th May 2019




Location: York, England

Price: £2.00

Artisan Reviews rating: STAR 4.5

img_4562We loved these Quoats!

Rob and Jen (the creaters of Quoats) both grew up with farming backgrounds and decided to make a healthy alternative to breakfast using British ingredients. They sent over all three flavours for us to try – Original, Coconut & Raspberry and Date & Pecan.

With a blend of quinoa, oats and flax, Quoats is a natural source of protein and fibre. Quinoa is a complete source of protein, while oats contain beta glucan, proven to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, and flax provides an excellent source of omega-3. This delicious breakfast contains no sugar yet tastes amazing! Our favourite was the coconut and raspberry flavour.

Quoats is health in a cup!

These are easy to make in just 3 minutes  by simply adding boiling water to the pots. A convenient breakfast on the go! All of the produce is British and locally grown with no nasties.


The original Quoats is a simply delicious blend of quinoa, oats and flax. It is warmingly good for you and tastes healthy. We would suggest that you could add a splash of honey or some fruit to add more flavour to your quoats.

Coconut & Raspberry

The  raspberry and coconut Quoats has the original blend of quinoa, oats and flax with the addition of raspberry and coconut pieces, for a sumptuous natural flavour. This is delightfully fruity and naturally sweet.

Date & Pecan

The date and pecan Quoats also contains the original blend of quinoa, oats and flax with pieces of date and pecan added.  The dates add a sweetness combined with the texture from the pecans makes this a wholesome porridge.

Overall a healthy, convenient and different kind of porridge, we would highly reccomend!

For more information visit:

Website: www.quoats.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Quoatsuk

Twitter: www.twitter.com/quoatsuk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/quoatsuk

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