26th May 2019


Judes Ice Cream

Judes Ice Cream

Location: Hampshire 

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Jude’s Ice cream all began in 2002 in on a Hampshire Dairy Farm, where the founder starting mixing and churning delicious ice cream by hand using only natural ingredients and milk from local cows.  Now with the whole family on board and with their mission to ‘knock your socks off, with every flavour’ they have gone on to create 16 delicious flavours one being gin and tonic! and have bagged 40 great taste awards for their efforts.

There’s something absolutely brilliant about ice cream that uses quality local ingredients and we were all lucky enough to try some of their flavours, which of course we demolished.

We were spoilt for choice with the amount of flavours to try and one that stood out to us all was the Peanut butter chocolate ripple. A delicious creamy ice cream for any peanut butter lover, gluten free, vegetarian and made with local milk! It included plenty of peanut pieces both soft and crunchy which created an amazing texture, just the perfect balance of creaminess and nuttiness.  As well as a beautiful rich chocolatey surprise in the middle which complemented the nutty ice cream just perfectly.

Another favourite was the famous Salted Caramel, it was smooth, velvety and just the perfect balance of richness of sweet caramel with a slight hint of saltiness – a little bit of luxury in a pot to enjoy!

Jude’s flat white coffee ice cream is a winner for any coffee fanatic, imagine a delicious caramel iced late but ice cream style. Made with Fair Trade Colombian arabica beans, it’s rich, authentic and not too overpowering, an amazing after dinner treat or a great compliment to any dessert –  it will knock your socks off for sure!

Brown butter pecan flavour was the favourite here at Artisan Reviews, with a deliciously sweet and nutty taste, it is a truly Great British ice-cream. Swirls of caramel paired with caramelised pecan nuts and creamy brown butter flavoured ice cream, is a great blissful combination, and left us wanting more. Let’s just say the tub wasn’t around long!

Overall Jude’s Ice cream is delicious, mouth-watering and lip- smackingly good. If you love rich ice creams then these are for you.  Jude’s also do smaller tubs as well as larger ones so you can pick and choose and try out a range of flavours. Jude’s do a range of tub sizes to suit your mood along with a staggeringly good range of flavours!

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