26th May 2019


Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA

Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA

Location: London

Price: £2.49

Artisan Reviews rating: STAR 4

This eee-1500Beaverneck oil beer was sent in to us at Artisan Reviews by Honest Brew. After doing our research on the Beaverneck Brewery we discovered they have an interesting start up story and their exact timeline of events can be found on their website. Inspired by brews across the world Logan (Founder) started experimenting using a 50 litre rice pan as a hot liquor tank, a camping cool box as a mash tun and a tea urn as a kettle – which is how Beavertown began.

The Beavertown neck oil session IPA is a light, smooth and refreshing beer.

This delightful beer pours golden and clear with a foamy white head. Initially it has a typical hoppy aroma and tangy flavours. It has a slight malt taste although not overpowering.

This certainly has the traditional aspects of an IPA with a slight sparkle and a strong crisp fruity finish of citreous notes.  A dry aftertaste with a pleasant long bitterness.

It is an easy-drinking beer (neck able) and very palatable.

The design of the yellow Beaverneck oil can is vibrant and eye catching – with an interesting skull graphics.

Overall a recommended go-to beer!

For more information visit:

Website: www.beavertownbrewery.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beavertownbrewery/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeavertownBeer

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beavertownbeer/

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